Navigating The Niagara River Recreation Trail


Trail Views and our Reviews: The Niagara River Recreation Trail, Ontario, Canada

International Edition
This is not a rail trail.

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to venture into Canada for a ride. We finally brought our bikes with us for a family visit in Buffalo, NY. We had heard about a number of really nice trails on both the U.S. and Canadian sides of the border. We decided to try this trail first and head out in the direction of Niagara-on-the-Lake. I’m always a sucker for picturesque water views.


We set out from our hotel with our cooler filled with cold water and crunchy granola bars, wearing our usual biking apparel, and carrying our passports. The lines at the bridge into Canada were not too bad. We figured the earlier we started out the less waiting we’d have to do. “And, what is your reason for visiting Canada today?” “We are going for a bike ride on the Niagara River trail,” John said. And we were waved through.


The trail was not far from our crossing point. The trail head was in the Queenston Heights Park, which is a huge park area with restrooms and lots of picnic tables and benches and grassy areas. It was really nice.  We had no problems finding a parking spot. We took a few minutes to figure out where our trail started, get our sunscreen on and use the facilities before we started our ride.


The initial part of the trail followed a road with houses on the other side of the street and a wooded area of varying depths with the river on the trail side. We passed what seemed like quite few farms and farm stands, as well as at least two wineries, that were all on the residential side of the road. We didn’t stop at any on our way out. I was unsure if we could actually bring anything we bought at a farm stand back into the U.S., so it was just as well.

Niagara_Ride_View of farm

We followed the trail along and enjoyed glimpses to full views of the river. It was very nice. We ended up at another park and picnic area that was on the river. We stopped there and walked up to the river to check out the views and take a short break. While the trail hadn’t been very crowded at all, the park in the Niagara-on-the-Lake area was teeming with families.


We were at the end of the trail at this point, however we saw that it was possible to continue on through Niagara-on-the-Lake via the streets to the physical end of the land. We rode through the neighborhood and got to the rocky edge of the river. From this beautiful location at the mouth of the Niagara River, we had Lake Ontario in much, if not all, of its glory in front of us. It was a clear day and we could just glimpse the Toronto skyline in the distance. It was a beautiful view, and there were quite a few lovely homes that were situated just so, as to be able to take advantage of those delightful views.


On our way back to our car, we stopped once or twice to take some photos and get a better look at some of the sights we rode past on our way out. Our total number of miles was a solid 20 miles for the day. We enjoyed the ride along this trail. It was clean, well kept, not crowded, and paved, which is one of my favorite words when talking about bike trails. We are going to have to consider another ride on this trail heading in the other direction, at some point, since there are lots of other trail options to explore here!


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